Thank God, the Anambra election has come and gone and sanity has prevailed. The vultures hovered, used all sorts of foul language, distributed money and lost. Those who wanted to turn Anambra state into their slave have gone away with their tails between their legs. The APC, the ruling Party, could not use their might to deceive Anambra people. They gave their members in my small town three million naira to share but that did not help them. To hungry villagers some of whom got two or three thousand naira each that would buy food or drinks for a day or two – or act as a palliative which conforms to the age old definition of APC, headache medicine, if you get no relief after two or three days consult your doctor! Their main man aspiring to the Federal House his reward was for some people to break into and ransack his house that very night looking for the three million not knowing the money was not there and that he had left earlier that day for Abuja. For our President I wonder why he bothered. After all, we are part of the five percent who did not vote for his Party and who were not entitled to anything and got nothing since he became President nearly three years ago. As for the silly Inspector General of Police who removed the Governor’s police detail giving spurious reasons which he thought would please his employers the shame is his that the President ordered him to restore the detail. And the ruling Party is therefore taking the glory that the President provided a level playing ground by his action which proves that they really wanted to rig the election!
Peter Obi was a good Governor and I voted for him twice and to ensure his second coming I went home, stayed one month and campaigned for him. It is a pity how low he has descended. Not only did he run away from the house he built, APGA, but he vowed to remove the incumbent Governor with the last drop of his blood. He fell woefully from grace to grass. I hope he can live with himself.
Well, Willie Obiano has got his second term. He must now try to right the wrongs he did in his first term. They said he bought gold beds, re-roofed a properly roofed government house, drinks too much and that his dream airport project is a white elephant that a poor state like Anambra can do without. He has four years to redeem himself and move Anambra state forward.

To the Obi of Onitsha I say congratulations. The President should come to Onitsha to pay homage to our Traditional rulers not our traditional rulers who assembled there being herded like sheep to Awka to pay homage to him. If the President goes to Sokoto or to Kano he will go and pay homage to the Sultan or the Emir. They will not leave their palaces to pay homage to him. Let us begin to restore some of our pride. The Obi’s action and the result of the Anambra state election have gone some way in doing that. Long live Anambra state.    

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