Chief Zanda Egede is a sixty-eight year old sugar daddy. He has a wife but she’s now virtually part of the furniture. In frustration she has devoted herself full time to her church matters, Zanda has developed a routine. He kerb-crawls on Western Avenue on Friday evenings picking up young girls, sweet-talking them into going with him to his favourite joint, plying them with alcohol before taking them to his private flat, his home away from home, for sex. On this fateful Friday evening he picks up Baby, a twenty year old undergraduate. But Baby ends up dead in his flat. To him the solution is simple – get rid of the body. And there is somebody ready and willing to help him with the job – one of his tenants. But that is the beginning of Zanda’s problems. His helpful tenant soon turns to blackmail thus unwittingly getting them involved with one of the most wicked crime lords in town.

Enter a shadowy group of well-to-do citizens who had adopted the name `One Day’ from the saying, `Nine Days For Thief, One Day For The Owner Of The House’, had begun using strange methods in trying to do something about the rot in the society, the looting of the treasury, the impunity, the stealing by government officials and their cronies. They would target high-flying government officials, dig up all the rot surrounding them, evidence of wrong doing enough to convict them ten time over and then kidnap them and hand them together with the evidence gathered over to the law enforcement agencies hoping to force them to act more decisively.

How does Zanda get entangle with `One Day’? How does he get out of his many problems?
Find out in the novel – Nine Days For The Thief. Download from Amazon Kindle.


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