The Social Media is awash with all sorts of news, the true, the speculative and outright falsehood. It is up to the reader to decide what to believe, what to laugh at and what to cry about. But that is where science is taking us. You can sit in your sitting room and read about the most remote part of the world. One article on WhatsApp recently caught my attention. It bore the title, `Can a Moslem be a good American?’ It was said to have been written by the President of the United States of America. If President Trump authored it I would not know. But I would not be surprised if he did not. After all, people write all sorts of things and ascribe them to people who know nothing about the topics.
Many reasons were adduced to prove that a Moslem cannot be a good American. They say that theologically he cannot be because his allegiance is to Allah, the moon god of Arabia. Scripturally his allegiance is to the five pillars of Islam and to the Quran. Geographically his allegiance is to Mecca to which he turns and prays five times a day. Socially his allegiance to Islam forbids him from being friendly with a Christian. Politically he cannot be because he submits to the Mullah who teaches destruction of Israel and America, the great Satan. Intellectually he cannot accept the American Constitution which is based on the Bible which Moslems say is corrupt. Domestically he is allowed to marry four wives and punish them when they disrespect him. Religiously he cannot be because only Islam is acceptable to Allah. Philosophically he cannot be because Islam does not allow freedom of expression or religion. Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist because Moslem governments are autocratic and dictatorial.
The many foregoing reasons suggest that the Moslem cannot be a good American. Luckily there are only just over three million of them in America or one percent of the population. Luckily too these Moslems are likely to be educated and enlightened to the high standards of the average American citizen for ignorance and backwardness are the hallmarks of extremism which is prevalent in Africa where Christians are being killed in large numbers simply because they are not Moslems. The Boko Haram, `no to Western education’, in Nigeria began by killing only Christians with ignorant adherents and children obeying the mullahs’ instructions to wipe out Christians. The silly thing about it is that they use guns, vehicles and the media created by Western education!

The sad truth is that Islam lends itself to holy wars to convert the world to Islam, `the only true religion’. Where on earth can you find rogue Christians seizing lorries and driving into crowded areas and crushing fellow human beings or procuring guns and shooting everybody in sight in the name of Christianity? Another truth is that Islam is a fast growing religion. Every Friday they mass in mosques and pray together. Every five hours they gather together and pray publicly. With the authority to marry four wives their population will obviously grow faster than that of Christians. On the other hand many Christians just answer the name. They are not ardent about their religion. They preach love and will not go out and kill in the name of their religion. Recently in Kano, Nigeria, an old Christian woman was killed because she prevented Moslem youth from praying in front of her shop. Years back Akaluka, an Igbo youth, was killed and his head impaled on a stick was paraded around town in Kano for blaspheming the Quran. Years ago in Europe, a `fatwa’ was declared on an author, Salman Rushdie, for blasphemy. He went into hiding for years. Incidentally I have not heard of him since then. I hope his head is still where it ought to be! Islamic terrorists seized passenger jet aircraft and dived into iconic buildings in New York killing all the passengers, himself and three thousand people razing the buildings to the ground. Fanatical Moslems cut off the heads of fellow human beings while chanting `Alahu akbar’, Allah be praised, enthusiastically.
Luckily for the United States of America the Moslems are greatly outnumbered and will remain a tiny minority for a long time to come. The other thing in favour of the non Moslem Americans is the Second Amendment in the Constitution giving everybody the right to bear arms and anybody who wants a war for whatever reason will have it! And with the bad publicity the Moslem religion is garnering for itself every American is on the alert.


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