Death Sentence

Some days ago, our youthful Governor, Babatunde Sanwo-Olu, decreed that churches and mosques can reopen on the 21st and 19th June respectively. He also decreed that those of us over sixty-five years of age should not attend church services or mosques! What he failed to explain was that if we disobey the decree he should not be held responsible if those under sixty-five years of age unintentionally spit the covid-19 virus into us which could be the death of us especially those of us hosting the underlying or undisclosed diseases that covid-19 loves so much. For instance, those brilliant Americans have found out that if you are diabetic and catch the virus you have only one week to live! He also failed to tell us what those Archdeacons, Bishops and Arch Bishops many of who are over sixty five should do – stay home too?

We oldies are supposed to hide in our houses like rats in their holes and watch the covid-19 stories and George Floyd demonstrations on CNN and wait to die or until the vaccine has been invented. President trump and that brilliant American, Dr Fauci, have told us that the vaccine should be ready by year end. Of course we senior citizens should not rejoice yet. Who is to guarantee us that these crafty under sixty-fives will not simply vaccinate themselves and let us oldies die in our houses or rat holes. After all of what further use are we to society, to them? Shocking!! But they used to say, ‘Daddy, Mummy, we love you. Have they been deceiving us all along? When covid-19 first appeared it was speculated that it was manufactured in a laboratory in China to reduce the population of the world by thirty per cent! And the greater percentage of people covid-19 is killing are senior citizens. Are we the thirty per cent?

We cannot attend church service, weddings or parties. We can neither fly nor travel by public transport. Who knows what illnesses our fellow passengers may be carrying. So what are we supposed to do. Kill ourselves? So, grand pa Pete is asking, who said covid-19 is not a death sentence?

Belatedly I am wishing fellow senior citizens ‘Happy Senior Citizens Day!’ This piece was actually written on Senior Citizens day but the posting has been delayed by those things that could happen to octogenarians!

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