Man’s inhumanity to man! In the Middle East, the cauldron of hate from Biblical times, we are daily being shown that man’s capacity for wickedness, brutality is limitless. A whole nation called Syria is being razed to the ground and humanity is helpless to intervene. The final act of the savagery is being acted out in Alepo, Syria’s largest city, which is largely destroyed. Two hundred and fifty thousand helpless civilians in east Alepo are in danger of being wiped out because of eight hundred members of Al Nusra, said to be terrorists also present there. In that part of the world abdicating is unheard of for it will lead to instant death and the decimation of kith and kin. Al Nusra fighters will not give up for it is like agreeing to die. For the same reason Assad is hanging on for the sake of his Alawite brothers who would surely have been wiped out with him. He has convinced Russia to come to his aid with its military might. And they have turned the war in Assad’s favour. Only Alepo stands in the way of total victory and it must be levelled unless the remaining section is vacated by the terrorists.
As I said in an earlier post the great United States of America has played a losing card. Being shocked at the way Assad was massacring citizens it backed an opposition unit said to be neutral forgetting that in this theatre of the absurd nobody is neutral, anything can happen. On the other hand Russia jumped in on the side of the legitimate government and has helped Assad not only to turn the tide but is within sight of total victory. The United Nations rule is non-interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign government unless invited. So the Russians are within the law. It is this same United Nations law that has given Sudan cover to commit genocide in Dafur and South Kordofan. The United Nations keep making resolutions which the Russians keep vetoing while intensifying the bombing in Alepo hoping the remaining part will be overrun to make any further resolution unnecessary.
So, unless there is a miracle Assad will remain in power. But the ugly music will keep playing on. The majority Sunnis will continue the war against the Alawites, the Shiites and the Christians if there are any left. And Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS and all the other weird human beings will be there fighting themselves and Assad and anybody else they wish to fight. It will lead to a stage that Assad would wish he were dead assuming somebody does not shoot him first.

And Russians will be the ultimate winners. It will make indecent money rebuilding Syria. It will sell more weapons of mass destruction. Its economy will boom and Russians will live happily ever after. What a sad world! 

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