Of all the terrorist organisations around the world including ISIS, Al Shabaab, Al Qaeda, our own home grown terrorists, Boko Haram, seem to have done something unheard of. They have actually released twenty one of their captives, school girls they kidnapped from a school in Chibok over two years ago after misusing and soiling them! Why? Have they suddenly turned repentant or developed milk of human kindness? Is it that they have just realised that kidnapping is a crime against humanity? Of all kidnapping by these terrorists around the world the Chibok girls saga has been one of the most publicised thanks to the Bring Back Our Girls campaign who over the two years have kept it on the front burner to the annoyance of those ruling us in Nigeria. The whole world has been jumping on the bandwagon to identify with them up to the United Nations Secretary General and Michelle Obama the wife of the most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States of America, Barak Obama.
Can it be that the Boko Haram has suddenly developed fear after years of being bombed by the Nigerian military? Or is it that they suddenly feel sorry? From inception their creed has been `away with Western education’ and all things connected with it. But these characters use guns, vehicles, wear western clothes, eat imported baked beans where they can steal it, all products of Western education! They began by killing only policemen then Christians and then graduated to bombing all human beings and have sent the north eastern part of Nigeria back into the dark ages to the extent that that part of Nigeria will remain backward for decades to come.
So why have they suddenly released the twenty one girls? It cannot be because they were being bombed out of existence by the military. We were told that the Red Cross and the Swiss government were involved in the deal. What deal? Did some money change hands? That could explain the involvement of the Swiss. After all Switzerland is the secret banking centre of the world for both stolen and legitimate money. Into whose account was the money paid? How did the Red Cross get involved? Do they know members of Boko Haram? It is understood that the Nigerian government was involved in the negotiations. With whom? And they said the release was not in exchange for Boko Haram prisoners. So what was the negotiation about? Less bombing? Surely not. The strange thing was that as usual the news broke on CNN and it was said that the release was in exchange for four Boko Haram commanders! Then that news faded out. And the Nigeria government denied any such exchange. And they said they are expecting more releases. Based on what?

Since our government and truth are strange bed fellows we can only speculate. It is either money was paid or prisoners were exchanged. The later scenario would be a disaster. We and the parents and relatives of the Chibok girls are happy and grateful for any Chibok girl and indeed any citizen rescued. But what is the cost. If indeed Boko Haram commanders were released, it is a major step backward. These are people who are well tutored in the art of making bombs, adept in killing of fellow citizens. Have they been released to go and cause more devastation? Whom were they released to, the Red Cross? Where are they now? Who is monitoring their movements? It is so sad that all over the world nobody negotiates with terrorists. The United States of America would be pleased to bomb the supreme leader Al Baghdadi and all the commanders of ISIS out of existence. France, Germany, Belgium and other civilized nations are adopting a shoot at sight attitude to terrorists. But the Chibok girls have become political tools. Any one released is feted at the Aso Rock Villa. Thousands of other citizens are being rescued but hardly get a mention. I hope we are not being the only nation to be negotiating with terrorist who have killed thousands of our citizens. Even if we want to impress the world about how hard we are working against terrorism and to divert attention from our current economic difficulties by using the rescue of the Chibok girls in whom the whole world is interested it would simply fit into our three steps forward and two steps backward system of progress. Negotiating with terrorists is not recommended.

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