Donald, United States of America president elect, congratulations. You have proved the pundits, the analysts and the pollsters wrong. You are going to be the leader of the world – forget the aspirations of Russia. No doubt however much you detest Obama and his policies you have to learn from him over the next three months the state of things in the world from the American point of view. You will obviously be anxious to unscramble his liberal and socialist leaning tendencies as soon as possible but, as they say, `slowly, slowly catchee monkey!’ You ran a divisive campaign. It is also now your duty to reunite America.
Internally you will be able to unscramble as many Obama’s policies as you can. Luckily, you have the Senate and Congress on your side. But do not believe that even the GOP will agree with everything you want. You can cancel Obama Care within one hundred days. Hopefully you have a better plan. Good luck to you. You will be able to pass a workable immigration law. If that includes deporting eleven million undocumented immigrants so be it. It is hoped you do not get bogged down doing it. Mexico will not build a wall for you to ban her citizens trooping to America for a better life! It is not in her interest. The onus will be on you to protect your borders. Stopping all Moslem immigration is another challenge. Does the GOP support you? You have the job of improving the lot of your black citizens. You want to improve the lot of the coal miners at a time climate change does not encourage the emissions coming from coal. Does that mean you will abolish Obama’s climate change policies?
Internationally you may be able to abolish all those unfavourable trade deals with China, Mexico and Canada. You must have alternatives since you cannot shut out the world. As for getting back American jobs you will realise that all the outsourcing done by American companies was because the cost of labour in your country is too high. Hence many things bought from Walmart and other big stores are made by American companies in China, Indonesia, and the Far East and shipped back to America. How do you reverse the trend despite the clamour for the raising of minimum wage in the United States?
As for relationship with the rest of the world you will have to `stay on message’ in the interest of America. The United States congress will largely decide what you do. You decried your countries military efforts in Iraq and Syria, no element of surprise and all that. Hopefully by the time you take office ISIS would have been defeated in Mosul and Racca. But that will not be the end of ISIS or Al Qaeda or Al Nusra or the other antihuman organisations and you should be prepared for fighting the `unseen’ enemy. Now that you are president and Russia rooted for you perhaps there will be a thaw in relations with Russia. Are you going to support Russia taking over Ukraine? After all you seemed to support their takeover of Crimea. Are you going to support NATO despite your desire that each member meets its obligations? Are you going to seek cooperation with the fastest growing threat to American domination of the world, China? What about the malfunctioning governments of Africa? Is America going to turn its back to them? 
Donald, welcome once again. You have a lot to do. No doubt despite the division between the GOP and the Democrats, America wants to remain the leader of the world and must continue playing a positive role. Despite your personal inclinations you may have to hold your nose and deal with the devil if necessary in the interest of all of us because the GOP’s agenda and yours may be different. You will have to `stay on message, Donald’.

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