Bitter Sweet

A Collection of Short Stories.

America, Here I Come. A septuagenarian goes to all the trouble to get an American Green Card. But, being unemployable, all he has are the television and his thoughts! And his thoughts lead him in circles. Where is the world going? Why are Africans running away from Africa? Is the Middle East where we are told creation happened going to be where the world will end? Why is there so much turmoil?

The Colour Of Your Money is about a traveller who in the struggle to get a boarding pass for a flight in Lagos loses his money.

The Best Driver is a story of trust betrayed, the story of an old man and his driver.

The Box. A tired job seeker accidentally takes the wrong box from a bus and is pursued by kidnappers.

In Fuel Pump hoodlums dupe a driver by unscrupulously selling him a dud fuel pump having removed his good pump.

Lock Him Up. If you want to punish somebody, spin a yarn to the police and they will throw him into detention on a Friday! And there will be nobody to arrange bail before Monday!

The Pilgrim Is Also A Bastard. A man left London hastily to escape from the cold weather and racism. He revisits after seven years and finds tremendous change but soon realises that some changes are cosmetic.

In Guilty With Reason. An embarrassed magistrate abruptly adjourns a case!

Lucky Day. A Doubting Thomas meets an innocuous looking foreigner and learns a lesson he will not easily forget.

Favourite Son. A facility manager works hard over years building up his business but learns that absolute trust in anybody is dangerous.

The Visitors. Those who reap where they did not sow come calling and a young couple is in trouble.

The Old Man. His bicycle is his most important possession. Nobody messes with it.

The Arrangement. A half naked white man wielding a kitchen knife chases a half naked black man down a quiet street in Battersea on a Sunday morning. What is happening?

The Highway Men. Travelling by road from Lagos to the East of Nigeria can be testing and tiring. The bad road is not a traveller’s only worry. There is danger from highway men, including the police!

My Daughter And The Shrines. If the law is an ass custom and tradition is not only an ass but also an idiot.

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