Dance Of The Vultures

Pat Jenkins, an Englishman working in bustling Lagos, was one evening in one of the prestige Clubs in Lagos introduced to another Englishman, Brian Jones, a long term resident of Lagos and manager of a shipping line. Early the next morning Pat answered a knock on his door and was shocked to see Brian Jones who thrust a padlocked tinker box into his hand and asked him to keep it for him for a while. He then turned and hurried back to the taxi that brought him and left.

That day Pat Jenkins kept wondering why such an apparently well off man should have such a cheap box and why he should choose him, an acquaintance, to keep it for him. His thoughts turned to shock and fright when on his way back from work that evening he saw Brian Jones photograph adorning the front page of the evening newspaper with the bold caption `Englishman Murdered.’ Apart from the photograph the publication was sketchy. He was alarmed. What was he to do with the box Brian Jones asked him to keep? Having arrived Lagos not too long ago he was not yet into the groove in the society and did not know any important or influential citizen and one thing he abhorred was getting mixed up with the police. He did not want to be linked with Jones in case he got accused of being involved in his death.

The next morning he narrated his story to his employer, crafty Chixy Agodo, who scolded him for being so shaken up by such a small matter and immediately volunteered to get rid of the box for him. He may even throw it into the Atlantic Ocean. Pat was relieved. But that was the beginning of his problems that nearly took his life for the contents of that cheap box interested all sorts of characters. His own employer, Chixy Agodo, was intrigued and very interested. Shipping magnate and Brian Jones’ employer, Jeremiah Ansa, Angelina D’Almeida, leader of a gang of armed robbers, the police, including the good and the bad, were deeply interested

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